Trust and the Super Ego Tanmayo Lana Lawson. Presented at International Kinesiology Conference, Kirchzarten, Germany 2003 We are all familiar with the inner judge or that part of our psychic structure which Freud called the super-ego. The term super-ego clearly identifies this aspect of ego behaviour as the super structure. […]

Trust and the Super Ego

Musings on a New Earth – Solstice 2013 It is so easy to lose sight of the mission. Easy to get lost and entangled in the confusion of the collective mental/emotional frequencies that we are bombarded with in every moment by the depth of the density of this bodily life. […]

A New Earth

Tanmayo Lawson & Anna McRobert Presented at the Australian Kinesiology conference in 2002 Facial Harmony is love in action. A gentle powerful non-invasive treatment applied to the face. Hidden beneath the masks that we wear lies the essential qualities of your original face. Facial Harmony is much more than skin […]

Opening to Love