Opening to Love

Tanmayo Lawson & Anna McRobert
Presented at the Australian Kinesiology conference in 2002

Facial Harmony is love in action. A gentle powerful non-invasive treatment applied to the face. Hidden beneath the masks that we wear lies the essential qualities of your original face. Facial Harmony is much more than skin deep. This is a process of re-discovery to find the secret recesses of your sacred heart.

Stress puts the energy system into contraction. Contraction in the etheric web, in the mind, in the emotions and in the physical body. The contraction starts in the thoughts attitudes and feelings and registers in the chakras and the meridians long before it registers as tension in the physical body itself. Although most often it is only when the tension is detected and causing pain in the physical that some solution is sought.

Pain, tension, restricted movement, posture deviation, disease, reduced function and/or strength is the body crying out for help. A body which is being driven past and beyond its ability to cope with the demands of a busy lifestyle and a controlling mind that insists on maintaining this damaging lifestyle. This state is devoid of love and care for the soul.

Touch is a natural way to receive love and care. The quality of the touch and the energy with which it is given is automatically recognized at a soul level and the body responds immediately. Skin and the nervous system are developed from the same primitive layer of cells in the embryo and keep this deep-rooted relationship throughout life. Skin belongs to a class of organs called exteroceptors, which pick up sensations from outside the body. The skin houses the sensory nerves. What the skin registers physically as pain or pleasure is relayed through the nervous system to the brain and conversely when the brain registers pain or pleasure from an emotional state this in turn is communicated to the skin. Both physical outer world and inner world awareness registers on the skin. Tuning into both physical and non-physical types of messages and being able to differentiate between them is part of the skill that can grow with Facial Harmony for both the client and the practitioner. The skin is the furthest extension of the central nervous system just as we could be seen as the furthest extension of existence. We are the pure embodiment of the divine source of all life and in every moment all that can be known is available to us. This is also the case for the skin. Everything that we experience the skin experiences and acts as a relay system between the inner and outer worlds.

Our society has become rationally orientated. Logic governs our way of life. Decision-making is based on mental deduction and contained within a very narrow band of immediate needs, which are often focused on material values. The deep appreciation of the souls expression is sublimated in the face of what appears to be pressing worldly demands. The power of the heart is overlooked and not acknowledged as a source of intelligence and a guide to healthfull living. There is a disassociation between mind and body as the body is seen as a traitor and the source of discomfort and every effort is used to get away from or not associate with what is erroneously seen as the source of pain and/or unwanted desires. The fact that it is pointing to an area of conflict that has been left unattended and unresolved is overlooked, suppressed and or denied.
Feelings are cut off and not trusted as they too are in conflict with the mind, a mind, which has been conditioned to keep the status quo. At this, love is locked out and fear of change locked in. Fear of change creates further constriction and continued breakdown in the system mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

“Fear relies on its survival on our reluctance to submit our feelings to scrutiny.”

“Overcoming our resistance to examining love is a critical step in conquering the presence of fear”

“Fear is diminished and eliminated in the presence of love.”

Robert Sardello, Freeing the Soul from Fear.

Conflict always manifests on the inside even though it may be projected or transferred outside. The difficulty arises when we feel one thing, say another and do a third. We may feel “no”, say “yes” and do nothing. This dissonance is the major area of breakdown in the body systems and impedes the heart’s guidance to assist us to enjoy our full expression of life.

” Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune. Our nervous system isn’t just a fiction; its part of our physical body, and our soul exists in space, and is inside us, like the teeth in our mouth. It can’t be forever violated with impunity.
Boris Pasternak.

Every cell of the body has a consciousness, which stores memories of events, none more powerfully than the face. Not only are the events stored in the face so also the emotional components, perceptions and/or misperceptions. The face muscles, connective tissue, skin, the structure and its function register and hold every life experience. Whether this experience has been expressed, suppressed, avoided or denied the face gives us access to all of these memories. The face shows us the summary of our identity. Who we think we are. Underneath the veil lies the truth of our original face. Who we really are beneath the mask of habitual behaviour and survival programmes.

The gentle heart space that is offered by a Facial Harmony practitioner breaks down the barriers of the heart to reveal the soft desire for wholeness and intimacy that lies within.

“Cardio-energetics” says that we have “sense-able” cells. The fact that human cells can sense and learn has been known for more than 70 years. ………First reported in 1926 at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Because the healing mind (brain/heart/body) senses, learns, and remembers, and because cardio-energetics asserts that the heart is at the center of the mind and sender of info-energy being pumped to and stored in our cells, healing from the heart means going beyond mind-over-body to seeing and tuning in to the heart as the core of wholistic healing energy system”. The Heart’s Code by Dr Paul Pearsall.

At the core of every being there is love and a need to give and share love. Traumatic experiences disconnect us from this source and our deep longing to experience this essential self is blocked by fear and pain. As we lock ourselves out of our bodies from the fear of more pain we also lock ourselves out of the experience of joy and pleasure. You either experience joy or not, you either love or not. You cannot love a little bit or play a little bit or experience a little joy! This is to live half a life. Love is. Joy is. Life is total.

To be alive means to be present in your body to experience life within you and around you. To witness the changes rather than be at the effect of them. To be able to ride the wave even when dumped, to pick up and start again knowing that life is the peaks and the troughs. To be open to each new experience unencumbered by past fears. Childlike in our innocence to be here now.

The body holds the patterns of different stressors in different proportions in different areas depending on the situation however the face has interacted with every one of them. So all of these patterns can be accessed through the face.

Facial Harmony creates a space to focus on wholeness by experiencing the healing vibration of love in action.
We all talk about wholeness, are we living it? Are we guiding our clients in that direction? What does wholeness mean? The Oxford dictionary says ” Complete, full, healthy, integrated, undivided, not broken or damaged” Completed and Full-filled live on the Behavioral Barometer, under Oneness. At one with what? With our true natural state of being? At one with all of our experience? All particles complete within the experience of God. Complete and Fullfilled. Undivided free of all inner conflict. All systems resonating with the in-breath and out-breath of life. A Facial Harmony session gives a glimpse of wholeness, oneness, peace. A feeling of being alive, a direct experience of how it can be in the body and in the moment with the mind at rest and free from suffering.Facial Harmony invites the re-unification of mind with body. The heart resonance of the practitioner creates a space for entrainment to occur. The heart is the strongest frequency and resonance in the biological system. When the heart is focused on with love the power of that love will pull all of the other body systems into the same oscillation.

“When in deep love or appreciation the brain synchronizes …comes into harmony..with the heart’s harmonious rhythm” “This state of head/heart entrainment occurs precisely
when the heart rhythms complete one cycle every ten seconds.”(0.1Hz)
Doc Childre Heartmath Solutions.

Joseph Chilton Pearce author of The Magical Child states, ” The affairs of the heart are directly connected to the brain and it is the hearts natural intelligence that must be unfolded for the brain to operate with greater efficiency”.

Researcher Daniel Winter, in conjunction with the Institute of HeartMath, has been mapping the electrical and sonic links between cardiac electricities, mental processes, emotions, and brain electricities. Winter is especially interested in the relationship between DNA programming and immune health.

Winter and the Institute used spectrum analysis of EKG tests on subjects who were practiced in sending out conscious love. They made significant discoveries.
Winter states, “When love was being sent to someone, the spectrum analysis of the EKG revealed a ratio between the frequency peaks of 1.618, the Golden Mean. The ratio of the Golden Mean, 1.618, is the most efficient ratio known for the transfer of energy between scales. When energy is phase locked with this ratio it cascades between octaves without losing momentum or memory of itself. The fractal design of the heart uses this principle to send energy cascading down the harmonic series to the DNA.

The Geometry of these waves looks exactly like the DNA as viewed from the top. The main point here is that 1.618 is also the ratio of the DNA structure and is the only ratio that allows complete information or geometry to cascade down the harmonic series without loss of power or geometry. Loving causes the coherence and ratio necessary to send energy up or down the harmonic series from the higher organizational dimensions down to the DNA. In a sense, no directions radiate to the DNA and immune system from the heart, unless there is a conscious link-up to the core of one’s being. By loving and caring it is possible to reprogram and empower the DNA with the intelligence of working for the whole from the perspective of higher electrical energy dimensions.”

The implications of this research are profound. By sending coherent heart frequencies of conscious love and care, people can enter into the DNA, and reprogram and empower it to improve immune system and cellular health. Universal love embraces, protects, nurtures and communicates to the DNA to unfold its blueprint. This communication cascades on frequency harmonics of the golden mean spiral. Only through sincere love and care from the core of being in the heart, can we enter into God’s design and co-create at the holographic level of the DNA. The heart is the protective safety valve. This is very different from genetic engineering, as we know it now, which is only tinkering with the components of the gene on the physical level.

Love is not the domain of the mind or the ego although they both wish to claim it. Love is a freely available healing source of universal energy. All we have to do as practitioners is stay out of our own way, focus on the heart, love, and allow healing to take place.

To be whole means to be in the heart, to be open to love. Healing occurs when love is present. Love is the active principle of the Universe. It emanates moment to moment with every breath whether it is recognized or not. Wholeness is the absence of boundaries. There is no inside and outside, no body, which is separate from mind. Like the skin and the central nervous system there is no separation. Like the heart and love and the divine flow there is no separation.

Facial Harmony brings awareness and attunement to the subtle shifts, which occur moment to moment in the body itself and the interrelated sensations, from the activation of thoughts and feelings.

So if we understand that thoughts and feelings have different frequencies it would be good for us to know which ones empower us and are life enhancing which ones debilitate us.

To know which is which we must be able to feel our feelings instead of thinking our feelings. To feel means to be in the body and to be in the body is to be connected to our heart resonance. Facial Harmony gives a safe environment for healing to occur and reprogrammes the cells to experience loving-kindness.
To trust the guidance that resides there and act on it so that we may encourage heart entrainment to ensure longevity and quality of life. To practise loving daily for ourselves that we may give that love out into the field of human consciousness and provide for future generations and ourselves a kingdom of heaven here on Earth.

Facial Harmony encourages us to find the door to our sacred heart, to still the mind and be free from suffering, and to make the commitment to live in love. To see our real beauty unmasked, shining from our hearts and reflected in our face.

Facial Harmony, through gentle touch revealing the heart of your original face.

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