Course Outlines

Course Outlines

Facial Harmony currently offers a number of classes, enabling a practitioner to follow through on the work as far as they desire.

The classes are in the following order.

Facial Harmony Balancing:

Facial Harmony Balancing is the introduction to the work. This six day class introduces the new practitioner to the essence of Facial Harmony. In these 6 days the focus is on the practitioner, the quality of the practitioners energy and their ability to see their hands as an extension of their heart.

Facial Harmony as a series is focused on love as the healing power of the universe and the heart as the source of inspirational guidance. The very specific technique is the tool, finely tuned, gently applied and amazingly effective in creating change on multiple levels. This gentle technique when applied to the face with sensitive touch releases blocked and constricted energy flows and rebalances the whole body/mind system.

You will have increased awareness of yourself on many levels with greater trust in your own feelings and abilities to act on them. As a new practitioner, you will be able to immediately apply your training in the workplace for the benefit and delight of all your clients.

Facial Harmony Heart Connection:

Details to be posted shortly………….

Facial Harmony Deepening:

Facial Harmony Balancing Deepening takes the practitioner further into the understandings of F.H. Balancing and the influences initiated in that class. This programme delves more deeply into the meridian and chakra systems to give a more solid foundation to your work with subtle energy fields. To become aware of how thoughts and feelings affect the energy field of the body moment-to-moment. This assists you in your own experience of life and increases the sensitivity you have in your fingers for the work.

Facial Harmony:

Facial Harmony is a six day training course which continues with the work of the heart, adding to the process of mobilizing and building energy and pays close attention to the release of muscle patterns that form the mask holding the accumulated effect of life experiences, attitudes, beliefs, fears and defences. This training further encourages you to trust your feelings, listen to your Hearts intelligence and be much more quickly aware of your intuition and inner guidance.

This work brings you and your client into a much more soul-full experience of the world. Revealing the face beneath the mask glowing with pure radiance for life. This training programme allows you to give a full Facial Harmony treatment, which is one session per week for seven weeks. This is a full programme of treatment which breaks down the accumulation of life’s stress patterns which become etched into the face. Each week focuses on a particular area of the face, head and neck to release and enliven the tissue, resulting in a radiant outward appearance and a deep peace in the soul.

Facial Harmony Advanced Classes:

The Advanced Classes listed below are for practitioners who wish to continue on with the work and are of a deeply esoteric nature and invite the practitioner to further challenge their understanding of themselves in relation to how they perceive themselves within the greater tapestry of life. These classes are very well attended and are a very rewarding experience.

• Art of Living Magically , Facial Harmony Advanced

• Train the Trainer / Facial Harmony Balancing

• Train the Trainer / Facial Harmony Balancing Deepening.

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