Harmony Series

Harmony Series the Essence of Harmony:


Brings a sense of re-connection to your source. Clarity of purpose and a quiet peace of mind are the gifts of this vibration. It brings you deeply into the center of your being and grounds you in your body and to the center of the Earth Star. A beloved gift giving a multidimensional experience of non-duality.

When to use:
To be centered in any moment,
Any time that you are feeling out of balance you can take this beautiful essence, which will immediately bring your energy field back into a state of balance.
Before seeing a client
Going for a job interview
Sitting for an examination
Nerves on a first date
To assist with decision making
To deepen your meditation
Or any time you feel the desire for re-connection to the all.


This essence is fuelled with an ability to create harmony out of dissonance. To release the old patterns of experience that no longer serve whilst remolding that which is essential to the souls purpose into a new higher more expanded octave of configuration.

When to use
In any situation where you need to assimilate or integrate new information.
In stressful situations which are challenging to your present reality.
A partner changes the agreements.
After a retreat or group experience which has expanded your consciousness in some way.
To assist you to integrate and assimilate your new understandings of yourself into your life.
Your children, parent, friend, lover is having new life experiences which is effecting your experience of them.

To assist your neurology to accommodate change.

Moving On:

This essence is full of “active principle” an activity of consciousness which goes beyond the mental plane and conceptual reality. It moves you to a new place effortlessly. You will find yourself simply “being”, is effortless. If you are efforting you are at the effect of your conditioning. Beingness is your pure state. The divine expression of existence that you are. This essence moves you into a quality of creative expression which you have been longing for.

When to use
In a stuck place that you cannot get out of.
Stuck in your thinking or your attitude about something or someone or some situation where you are unable to let go.
Long standing stress in body, mind or spirit.
Headaches, toothaches, distress in the energy field of the body.
This essence moves the energy that is blocked to help you to move on. It is most powerful when you have centered yourself, taken the time to see where you are stuck and have the willingness to move on out of the present situation.

Origin of the Essences:

These essences came into being as a result of guidance received by Tanmayo in meditation. Anna and Tanmayo made the essences together with clear directives from the nature kingdom.The essences are a combination of both gems and flowers, and were made in Australia under the full moon.

The energy of these essences is a very clear gift from many kingdoms and the result in the energy field when you are using them is quite profound.

Each essence brings its own experience of the nature of many kingdoms which gave of their vibrations to infuse these resonances with the power of change.

In any situation which is new stressful or challenging there are three steps that must occur.
Be present which means be centered
Be able to assimilate and integrate the new experience into your reality.
Move on with the new expanded state of consciousness.
In the midst of the situation there may be a need to become centered in yourself so that you can deal with the moment-to- moment changes, which may be occurring.

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