Heart of Harmony

Heart of Harmony:

Heart of Harmony is about connection with the source of all that is, that which permeates all things, our origin if you will. This essence connects you with that source and empowers us to be present, in the moment and open to all the gifts that consciousness brings us.

When to Use:

This essence can be used at any time. It is especially useful after receiving a session or any bodywork and can be very beneficial before a meditation or any time you are wanting to reconnect with the source of your Hearts origin.

Its Origin:

Again guidance clearly played its part in the making of this essence. Australia is a very old land that can be seen clearly from its contours, it mountains are old and have been worn down and washed to the sea. And as is has only been settled by Europeans for a little over 200 years there are many places largely untouched and the land still speaks strongly to those that can hear.

When Tanmayo was walking in the rainforest not far from our home in the hinterland it became clear that she was to make another essences, one that embodied the heart of this beautiful planet on which we all share our human experience. The ingredients were to come from the mountains of this very old land. Gathered from the nature and mineral kingdom were, bark, flowers, crystals, rocks and water which bubbles up from deep in the Earth. The ingredients were gathered under the full sun, by chance at Autumn Equinox, but it was not yet time to blend them together, so they were lovingly wrapped and stored for a time yet to be determined.

Over the ensuing winter months we moved from the mountains to the beach, a place with a wide stretch of sand and the ocean almost on our doorstep. On several occasions we made preparations to make the essence but each time something came up that precluded it from happening, there really are no accidents. As existence would have it Tanmayo was preparing to go to Europe and was attending a retreat beforehand, so it fell to me to to bring the end product together, and whilst I new fundamentally what to do I had never before had the experience.

So the full moon approaching it became quite clear that it was time to make the essence, it was by chance that I found out on the day that it was also Spring Equinox. With the night clear and full of a large Spring moon all the preparations were made to take the short drive to the spot that I had chosen, and as I walked out the door I glanced at the clock which read 11:11, I had to smile to myself.

I arrived at the beach to find it deserted with a cool breeze and a gentle surf breaking on the shore. After laying out all of the tools and preparing the space and ingredients, the distilled essence was placed in four crystal goblets, standing at the four directions, surrounded by crystals an a number of other gifts which I had brought with me. From there words simply flowed freely I cannot begin to tell you what they were, except to say that the invocations and pray simply flowed with no conscious contribution from myself, existence simply expressed beautiful words with my mouth. I then sat back from the circle and started to play the didgeridoo, the music went on for some time as I lost myself in the playing. In this deep meditative state I stopped and began chanting in a manner never previously experienced and during the chant three times I sung a note that I completely dissolved into, there was no me only existence and the note being sung. It was a very profound and beautiful experience.

So that is the story of this essence, I hope and trust that in using it you find your own experience of the divine, and that you enjoy your experience as much as I enjoyed the creation of it.


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