Tanmayo Lana LawsonFounder.

Tanmayo Lana Lawson as the founder of “Facial Harmony” has travelled the planet promoting this gentle and powerfully transforming treatment.

Brought up in Scotland she lived for 20 years in Australia, her origins are deeply rooted in Celtic Mysticism and she embodies a love of soul-full living. Her spiritual journey has taken her around the planet many times to many sacred places and to many gifted teachers.

In her 25years in the wellness industry Tanmayo has studied and trained in many different disciplines, Body Work, Myofacial Release, Bowen Technique, Kinesiology, Applied Physiology, Three In One Concepts, Myers Briggs Typology Indicator, and Enneagram (with Faisal Muquaddam and Dr Claudio Naranjo), Tarot, and many aspects of the esoteric sciences.

Introduced to the work of the ‘Inner Judge’ in 1993 with John Bradshaw Tanmayo has continued to study how this mechanism of mind, with it’s many masks and manifestations, operates as the primary source of discontent in the human experience.

After many years of study, personal inquiry and revelation, she brings understanding, compassion and insight to core dynamics that keep us locked in the beliefs of “Suffering Humans”.

As a facilitator Tanmayo offers up the insights of her own vast experience with tenderness, clarity and awareness for those seeking to know themselves beyond the masks of their own personal defences, once more revealing our true nature as Beings of Divine Magnificence, Love and Delight.

Like any true Scot this is all delivered with a great sense of humour and reverent/irreverence whilst in true service of the one life.
“Revealing who you truly are can be a joyful experience. As you release yourself from the burdens of conditioning and limiting beliefs you uncover and actualise the beauty and great potential that exists in your own heart. ”

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