The Art of Face Reading

The Art of Face Reading.

Physiognomy, Personology or Face Reading has been with us for thousands of years. It was once so popular that people would wear masks to hide their features from prying eyes.

It may surprise you to know just how much can be known about you from the features of your face.
As a tool for understanding and effective communication, it is an invaluable skill to have, and the basic understandings are easy to learn. And like all skills it must be used and experienced before it can be known.

Your face is an exclusive map to indicate how you will operate under stress, and what your preferences are likely to be in various situations, essentially your face like your fingers holds a blueprint, a map to your inner life, unconscious gifts and behaviour traits.

How you are designed suggests areas of preference in work and relationships. Putting yourself in situations where your design is not appreciated causes stress for all concerned. You can of course operate in ways, which are not your first function, provided that there are enough places in your life where you are able to relax and ‘be yourself!’ If your chosen career path and your primary relationship are both taxing you to ‘wear a different face’! The stress in your life will soon build up.
Knowing how you are designed allows you to announce your style and allows you to be respectful of the style of others.

Tanmayo Lawson the founder of Facial Harmony is an exceptionally skilled Physiognomist (Face reader) and has assisted countless people to know how to make the most of the characteristics that they where born with.
She has also assisted many people to better understand and improve their working and personal relationships.

Knowing, how you are designed can be very liberating, it opens the door to acceptance of your natural gifts and the abilities to use the functions contained within them.

You can book a joint reading for you and your partner, or any friend or family member. Understanding the differences in innate style can defuse many volatile situations. Or you may be looking for passion and are unable to experience it with a partner who is extremely different in style from you.

This is particularly useful in any relationship !
It is good to know what you are attracted to !

To book a session you will need to supply two clear pictures of yourself.
One picture of your full face and one of your profile.
Personal Readings. 150 euro
Couples Readings. 250 euro.

To arrange your face reading e-mail your photo’s to:

N.B: Please note that in addition to analysis of your facial structure much of what you will receive is a highly intuitive or clairvoyant insight into yourself and or your relationship. Intuition and Clairvoyance are also design functions, which Tanmayo has as an innate design and has developed over many years.