Course/Training Dates

Training dates for Facial Harmony throughout the World if you have any questions please send us an email by visiting our contact us page.



Facial Harmony Balancing:

Yoko Fumoto

Date: March 25 – 28th
Place: Tokyo (Meguro-ku)

Date: July 16 – 19th
Place: Tokyo

Date: November 3 – 6
Place: Okayama



mit Vera Luchsinger:

FH Balancing class                 To be Advised

Chakraday                                To be Advised

Heart Connection                   To be Advised

Facial Harmony                      To be Advised

Vera Luchsinger
Eschenriederstrasse 37a
82194 Gröbenzell

mit Christa Sammer:

24.05.2017 bis
27.05.2017 Facial Harmony Balancing Kurs
“Intensivkurs” 4 Tage
im Mai
30.09.2017 Facial Harmony Chakra Tag
1 Tag
30.09.2017 bis

Facial Harmony Heart Connection –
2,5 Tage
06.03.2017 bis
11.03.2017 Facial Harmony Practitioner Kurs –
6 Tage
06.11.2017 bis
11.11.2017 Facial Harmony Practitioner Kurs –
6 Tage

Oberiglbach 20d, 94496 Ortenburg