Essences & Products

We have a growing range of Essences and a New Aura Spray. All are made from 100% organic indredients.

Essence of Harmony>>
A set of three bottles which are essential to any situation. These are the original Essences made by Tanmayo & Anna
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Heart of Harmony>>
The latest addition to our range of Essences has quite a story, the ingredients were gathered in the broad sunlight in the Mountains at Autumn Equinox and the final essence was brought together under the full moon beside the Ocean at Spring Equinox.
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Aura Spray>>
This beautiful spray in a combination of essential oils, crystal essences, natural spring water, and a 100% organic emulsifier, and is made by us, and is presented in a 50ml bottle with an atomiser spray.
You can use it on yourself and allow the fragrance to permeate your energy field or you can use it in a room to balance and harmonise the energy before you see a client, or you can use whenever you like, just because it smells lovely.
For those practitioners who have completed the Advanced course and are now working with the Quality of Essence cards, we have new sets of cards which have been laminated for better protection and longer life.
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For practitioners we have a new range of Anatomical Charts showing muscle and meridians.