About Facial Harmony

Hands-on-FaceWhat is Facial Harmony?

As a Treatment: Facial Harmony is a gentle non-invasive treatment.

The gentleness is designed specifically to work in harmony with the nervous system. The treatment is predominantly focused on the face head and neck. These areas hold much of the body’s mental, emotional tension. Whist in a deep state of relaxation old mental, emotional patterns can be released. Years of compacted stress patterns cause us to be less than energetic or enthusiastic. When this energy starts to flow again freely we are energised and with this new state of renewed wellbeing we find new solutions that enhance our life experience.

The muscles and tissues of your face wear the accumulation of your emotional interaction with your life’s experiences. How you feel about what happens in your life, especially the stresses and traumas, are locked into all the muscles and energy systems of your body and show most obviously in the face. Repeated disappointments, frustrations, losses, fears and anxieties, live on in the muscle contours formed by these experiences. Joy, Trust, Enthusiasm and Love for life also exist as natural expressions of innate being. Yet these expressions are often overlaid with many negative life experiences and can be hard to access for more than a few fleeting moments.

Facial Harmony reconnects you with your innate way of being which then becomes a natural expression of your daily life. This natural radiance emanates from inside and shines on your face lighting up your eyes with the quality of what you are experiencing inside.

The Facial Harmony treatment is a process that results in facial transformation and overall rejuvenation at the cellular level. This treatment takes years of stress from your face so you look younger and feel it too.

For optimum results 7 one hour sessions one week apart are recommended. The treatment has a far- reaching cumulative effect with the face reflecting changes in both the inner and outer world.

For how clients experience Facial Harmony check the testimonials page.

As a practitioner.

Facial Harmony aids a person in reconnecting with their own inner source of guidance and wisdom, it creates states of relaxation which allows them to open to a wider aspect of there own awareness facilitating access to new strategies instead of repeating old outmoded patterns of behaviour.

Facial Harmony is as relaxing and healing for the practitioner as it is for the client; each session provides an opportunity to soften into the realms of the heart. With the heart as your guide your hands and heart are as one. The treatment is a powerful meditation for the practitioner.

For those who follow the practice as given in the training the results are quietness of mind, freedom from the bombardment of inner judgement and the arising presence of love and compassion.

There are many practitioners who have built themselves a new career path with this wonderful modality. Whilst at the same time dedicating themselves to consciousness. Like all things in life you get out what you put in!

The full practitioner training series is comprised of a number of events each designed to deepen your understanding of the work that is Facial Harmony.

For more information on Training and the courses involved please visit the courses page.
As a Path to Self Realisation:

Facial Harmony is a path for those who wish to melt into the heart and inquire into the true nature of love.

In any quiet moment you may hear a call arising from deep inside. Whispering to you to heed the voice of your soul.

Life is filled with opportunity to explore our potential and to draw to ourselves the people and opportunities that can support our creative expression to flourish. Yet we fear to expose who we really are. We have learned to live behind the socially acceptable mask of ‘Everything is fine’! We dare not live with the total abandon that we long to explore. Keeping this mask in place restricts our experience of life. We share parts of ourselves the parts that are ‘allowed’ by the inner judge. We have buried our passion underneath a blanket of sensible behaviour that is slowly eating our spirit.

As children we found ourselves again and again in situations where we felt less than acceptable, or not enough. We became separated from the source of wellbeing. We learned to effort and struggle and accept less than we really wanted. We learned to ‘behave’ to ‘fit in’ and we compromised our hearts to do it. We stopped listening to the voice of the Heart. Now there is only the rational mind freezing the juice from our lives as it prevents us from moving in attune-ment with the warmth of our feelings. We learned to hide our disappointments, pain, bitterness and frustration. And along with it we are now hiding the true light of our soul.

Underneath the layers of protective masks, lies the pure light of being that is our true nature. Our essence is again and again seeking our attention, pushing us to look beyond these layers of bitterness, frustration and resentment to remember that we are love and bliss and laughter. But we are afraid that we will never be able to reveal this tender light that has been so ravaged by the pressures of life. Facial Harmony holds us in a field of safety whilst we explore the wounds that bind the masks in place.

We release the patterns of stress that have built up over many years creating barriers that through pain have hardened our hearts. We peel away the layers of distrust and discontent that have tarnished our ability to love whole –heartedly.

In this space of open-ness and acceptance we can once more allow the warrior of the spirit to take flight.

Our passion for life is re-kindled and the cry of our soul to live our dreams is the guiding voice that governs our life.

We give ourselves back to ourselves. We experience love without conditions. We break down the doors that have kept us restricted and delight in the expansive beauty of life.

Love flowers in our heart. Love; that bursts forth from a heart that has freed itself from the constraints and constrictions of social beliefs and conditioning. Love that heals the wounded spirit. Love that gives you strength to live the Truth of your hearts longing.
Facial Harmony is the voice of reason. And the only reason is Love.